Where did all the quallies go?

In getting ready to launch this  journal site I’ve been surfing around to find similar sites.  Although I have found some neat blogs created by web expert types, I’ve found very little on qualitative research.  I was hoping to find the equivalent of one of those anonymous-policemen type blogs which expose the raw underbelly of the job but there is surprisingly little.  There may be a little more that I simply can’t unearth, but at first glance it feels that there are genuinely few people writing about this.  The people I have found, I mostly know already. 

This may be down to fear of compromising commercial confidentiality or it might simply be that commercial qual researchers are too damned busy to write about their lives. 


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  1. I have been surprised by the same thing – the lack of quallies blogging and engaging with the issues. The amount of planners blogging is astounding. Hopefully more people, more blogs will generate some momentum. And i think you’re right for those of us who travel. I struggle to update my blog Kumeugirl.com when i’m on the road – struggle just to answer emails.

    • Hi! I’ve just been visiting your blog – It’s gorgeous. Quite inspirational.

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