Late to the party

Up till now, I’ve lived most of my online life in the blogs and pseudonymous geekworlds of LiveJournal and Vox.  All very well for my burgeoning social life but less satisfactory as a way of connecting in the public world.  I decided to take steps to change that, and in under a week I am more less set up digitally.  I had WordPress of course, which I really like, but I now have Facebook (ewww), (my tags are at thehumanelement), and finally Googlereader, for aggregating all those nice technology blogs. 

Things I have learned:

I hate Facebook with a passion. I don’t quite know why.  It’s pretty.  I know people on it.  It’s clearly useful for staying in touch.  Still, there is something hideously white-bread meritocratic smiling-at-the-boss about its whole ethos. 

Del.ici.ous is rather useful.  Bit of a revelation.  Oh, I know all the good tech people have had them for years but I never quite saw the point until I realised my Favourites folder was going crazy.  Terribly useful.  I hadn’t predicted the social/networking element at all, but that part’s rather compulsive.  Mm, I have tags.

Googlereader is boring but effective. I dabbled with Netvibes orignally, because it promised to aggregate everything, but I disliked the presentation.  What I really wanted was the LiveJournal Friends page, only for all the work-related blogs.  Googlereader is dead simple and rather nice, and delivers feeds in date order. 

Things to consider or reject:

  • I would have a Flickr account like a shot if I ever took photos.  Sadly, it’s one step too far.
  • Linked In?  Ooh, I dunno, that’s proper self-marketing.  *shivers*
  • Twitter.  Understand it.  Hate it hate it hate it, unless it’s from someone like Britney Spears or the Queen, in which case, hook me up, brothers and sisters.

ETA: I post this THE VERY DAY I start joining groups on Facebook. *waves*

ETA 2: Stuff my enthusiasm for Google Reader.  If you have multiple Google Mail accounts for your various personas *cough* (see my upcoming post on Identity Management in the modern age), it will crash when you’re logged into a different mail account. Repeatedly. I take back what I said about Netvibes.

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