2008 wrap-up

Well. 2008 was very, very busy.    It was a year in which I did a whole lot of stuff that was new to me, working with new people in new industries on new stuff.    This was a marvellous but very exhausting thing.   It was also a year which marked a real shift from the straightforward world of (mainly) qualitative market research to a more eclectic mix of consultancy, desk research, training, ethnography, analysis, strategy development, and, yes, good old qualitative research.    I worked with some brilliant minds and met a good many lovely interviewees.

I bought a video camera, to film interviews, a new voice recorder, and a digital SLR, to take pictures of people’s stuff.   

Things I did less well: keep up this as a blog (that fell apart in a frenzy of activity just before the summer holidays), and balance busy-ness with sufficient downtime.   

I’m looking for 2009 to involve some regrouping and considering.  Things are tough out there, and will no doubt get tougher.    I think it’s a good time for honesty and commitment.  I’m going to commit to writing much more frequently here – once a week or more – and see where that takes us, see whether it possible to write something meaningful in this space that is more than a harvesting of weblinks.  One post a week.  Or the kid gets it.

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