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Pro tip: Never advertise something as part of a two-part series unless you have both parts already written.   Sigh.   You can triple this if Thing 2 is slightly harder to dash off than Thing 1. (It will come, but I’m in lockdown at the moment what with project deadlines and the upcoming End of Term).

I’m reviewing the blog and what I write here as part of a massive review of my online er, empire and so I’m interested: who are you? why do you read this blog?  Are there things you’d like me to write about more?

I could write more:

– anguished personal insights

– hints and tips and how to dominate the world

– srs research and usability insights

– random mix of whatever comes to mind

– something else! e.g. what is this science communication of which you speak?

…Hmm.  Hmm.  Has anyone in the whole history of blogging, ever replied to this types of desperate placeholder of a post?  Everyone is too busy working or coming up with their own plans to dominate the world.   This is occasional brain candy for the easily distracted. Or, fodder for the Korean spammers with their links to weight-loss sites.

Also, it’s Monday, when true blog commenters are blearily considering their to-do lists and wondering if it’s really lunchtime yet.

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  1. Hello, my name is Anna and I’m easily distracted. I subscribed to this blog when I first read “Generation Y: Unlocking The Talent Of Young Managers” – it was brilliant. I enjoy a random mix of things.

    • I think I can serve the easily distracted! Been very quiet for a while, but gearing up to post more.

  2. Oh bless you. I think the easily distracted are a wonderful audience who need more care and attention – wait, what’s that over there? shiny…

  3. I know this is absolutely zero help but I like all of it. I think your technical competence and intellectual approach to work are both brilliant and I get a lot out of hearing about both. I also like the personal approach, which always makes anything more readable and interesting. There’s nothing I’ve ever seen here that I’d want to change.

  4. Hello, my name is Mike and I’m a random mind wading through cyberspace. I arrive at your blog when you tweet the link and the subject connects. Inevitably I like the random mix approach, it’s kinda how the world is.

    Oh and PS, I have no plans to dominate the world or any version of it. I have a wife, two (teenage) kids and a dog. I know my place!

  5. Personally I’d suggest a mix because different readers will be interested in different things. You could always categorize/tag them by ‘Useful tips’ ‘Random musings’, etc.

    Enjoyed lunch last week. Always good for a bit of mutual reflection.

  6. Hello, I’m Cai. Another vote for a random mix of things. I’m a lecturer working on a variety of things related to both teaching & learning and research, and your posts often strike a chord with both. More of the same mix would be lovely.

    • Hello Cai – this is a very belated answer. Thanks for your comment: whatever I do is very likely to be a mishmash. Often find myself working across lots of boundaries.

  7. I read because you seem thoughtful, generous, and willing to be accessible to readers. Also, I’ve owed you a response post for something like three months, and haven’t forgotten, though you may have.

    Post whatever matters to you when you’re posting it.

    • I think I can outdo you on the time taken to respond! Which reminds me, I need to hop over and read your journal. I’m intending to post more now that summer’s nearly over (or should I say totally over, as I look out of the wondow.)

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