Fighting on the Internet

I have a confession: I’m terribly fond of reading (mostly) American self-help blogs.  These are aimed at small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to develop their business.  There are some excellent people doing interesting work out there, even if they are a bit too devoted to the cause of Seth Godin.

This week, I swear that Mercury must be in retrograde.  These are people who usually spend their entire professional lives being relentlessly upbeat (and charging you at least $47 for an ebook on how to improve your life).   However, this week I have already read two major tirades about the horror of internet marketing programmes (written by internet marketers in the same circle, generating screeds of impassioned comments); and now today, one of my favourite small-business bloggers has written a whole piece about being dissed by one of her clients who reacted badly to an appointment that was missed.  Commenters soothe the ruffled OP until the Client Scorned shows up to put her side of the story, and boof, we’re off.     Fight fight fight.  (And then comment deletion.  Sigh.)

…It’s like Livejournal, or Techcrunch just after Steve Jobs has launched something.  I mean, I know internet drama.  I just don’t expect it on a WordPress clone.

I suspect this is what happens to people after slightly too long spent Being Really Positive.  On the  plus side, it clears the air. On the negative side, well, it’s bad for everyone.  There is a huge amount of trust involved in buying coaching services online.   People are not always confident.   And in this context, seeing a blogger or indeed a commenter go off on someone can really give one pause for thought.

Personally, I am not sure that  modern business relationships are going to survive the Twitter Search function. Or, OMG, trackbacks.


Snow Queen

I love snow. It has been wet and slushy today, but very early on Monday, with snow falling softly under sodium streetlights, it was quite magical.

Once a decade we get enough snow to build a proper snowman. Some of our neighbours went all out – if you look closely, you’ll see that this lady had snowbosoms.

I’m trying to think of some spurious link to the economy/market research/the world of business; but actually I think the only moral is that sometimes the exact right thing to do is to build a great big snowman. And then have a snowball fight.

Snow Queen