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I help people in organisations to do good research that will help solve messy problems.    You may want to create authentic, effective communication with customers and employees; you might want to investigate an issue in-depth.   You probably have modest budgets, limited in-house expertise and not enough time to do everything.

I specialise in online behaviour, organisations, and science communication.

I offer:

Flying market research management

You have a pile of old reports, a set of nagging questions, and a need to make sense of it all quickly and set some priorities.

I will review what you have, explain what it means and where the gaps are, and recommend how to take it forward.  I can also create a dashboard with you so that you can track what’s happening with your important measures.

Strategic reviews, for websites and online communities

You have a website or an online group which is not working quite as well as you’d hoped.  You could do usability interviews, but you suspect it’s not the nuts and bolts of the website, but something else.

I will help you articulate the goals you have for the website, turn them into a checklist, and then use this framework to look at your website compared with some of its competitors.  You will very quickly get a sense of your site’s strengths and weaknesses.    This type of review usually surfaces some quick solutions and other issues that need more thinking.

Investigation and reporting

You have a nagging question.  It may have been answered before, but you want to find out what the evidence is like, and you need someone who can make sense of a muddle of different kinds of data (including nuggets buried in academic papers) and show you some clear paths through.   I conduct critical research-based reviews in management, organisational behaviour, and human-computer interaction.

I also write well-written reports that interpret big piles of data.

Qualitative exploration

There’s no substitute for talking to the right people.

  • Qualitative interviews and focus groups
  • Websurfing interviews and online discussions
  • Online communities
  • Deliberative methods
  • Brainstorming sessions and creative development workshops

Custom training and workshops

  • Facilitation training, for pleasure and profit
  • Creating conversation in online communities
  • Evaluation methods for people who hate evaluation
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